China Telecom(CT) and Partners Praise Unicair PTT Phone Solution
China Telecom(CT) and Partners Praise Unicair PTT Phone Solution
Dated:2016-03-30 Clicks: 187

       On March 24, 2016, Mr. Zhao Qiang and Mr. Xiao Hu from CT, Mr. Liu Yunqi from Bihee,  Mr. Zhao Jingchao from Ephone and other partners are invited to visit Unicair, and Unicair  Chairman Mr. Jphone Xu leading high levels gave them a warm reception.

     At meeting, after listening Unicair’s latest company business introduction, Esurfing  PTT phone R&D fruits and future plan , all attendees made a deep discussion on Esurfing PTT phone market. CT leader Mr. Zhao Qiang said that Esurfing PTT phone will be the key product for CT in 2016, since Unicair has very mature Esurfing PTT phone solutions, he suggest that Unicair send its key Esurfing PTT product to CT for testing and verificating,  then CT list Unicair’s Esurfing PTT solution as public one and the phones which adopt Unicair’s Esurfing PTT solution could pass CT test with less time and less fee. CT will also publish favorable matching policies to  attract more suppliers to enlarge Esurfing PTT phone suply chain, added by Mr. Zhao Qiang.

     After the meeting, CT leader Mr. Zhao Qiang and other leaders take a look aroud Unicair and all take pictures together. We believe Unicair will make more achievements with more supports from CT and partners.




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